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South Pole Telescope

October 1, 2018: Successful 2018 season nearly finished with SPT-3G camera, 1-month until first austral flights arrive.



October 10, 2008: Galaxy clusters discovered with the South Pole Telescope. Images of the first four galaxy clusters detected in the South Pole Telescope survey. Images are postage-stamp cutouts of larger maps in each of the three SPT observing bands (centered at 95, 150, and 225 GHz). Sunyaev-Zel'dovich effect intensity decrements in the direction of the cluster are clear in the unfiltered 150 GHz image and in the filtered 95 and 150 GHz images. No decrement (or increment) is seen in the 225 GHz image, as is expected for the SZ effect.


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October, 2018: The SPT-3G camera has nearly completed it's 2018 observing season! Winter-overs Joshua Montgomery and Adam Jones have nearly finished a successful 2018 austral-winter observing season at the South Pole! They will continue using SPT-3G to observe the 1500 sq. deg. survey patch for another month, before being relieved by a small austral-summer crew who will perform maintenance and improvements on the telescope and camera.

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