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South Pole Telescope

March 30, 2020: SPT-3G begins its 2020 winter observing season! SPT-3G is continuing to observe our 1500 square degree survey field, which overlaps with the BICEP Array survey, as part of the South Pole Observatory (SPO)!



August 1, 2018: Preliminary SPT-3G temperature map at 95 GHz of the 1500 sq. deg survey field taken from one week of observations during winter 2018. A zoom into a sub-set of the field (highlighted in red) shows a comparison between the SPT-3G and Planck 143 GHz maps over the same area. The nearly identical large-scale features in the two maps demonstrate that the SPT-3G map is already signal-dominated on angular scales measured well by Planck.


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November, 2019: The SPT-3G camera has nearly completed it's 2019 observing season! Winter-overs Doug Howe and David Riebel have left Pole after finishing a successful 2019 austral-winter observing season at the South Pole! A small austral-summer crew have relived them, to continue observing the 1500 sq. deg. SPT-3G survey patch for another month, before beginning annual maintenance on the telescope and camera.

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