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This page provides the cluster mass catalog for the Planck cosmological sample obtained from the SPT-SZ + Planck SZ cluster analysis described in Salvati et al. 2021 . If you have any questions regarding these data products or their use, please contact Laura Salvati (laura.salvati_at_universite-paris-saclay.fr).


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Mass-Redshift Distribution of the SPT-SZ, the SPTpol 100d, the SPT-ECS and the Planck cosmological cluster samples We compare the 2500 deg2 SPT-SZ cluster catalog, the SPTpol 100d, the SPT-ECS cluster sample and the new evaluation of Planck cluster masses. Plotted are the estimated mass versus redshift for the 539 optically-confirmed clusters from the SPT-SZ catalog, 79 clusters from the SPTpol 100d sample, 448 SPT-ECS clusters, and the 439 clusters from the Planck cosmological sample (the sample being defined in Planck 2015, XXVII. The second Planck catalogue of Sunyaev-Zeldovich sources). As described in Bleem et al. 2015 and Bocquet et al. 2019, the SPT-masses are determined using the best-fit ξ-Mass scaling relation for a flat ΛCDM cosmology with Ωm = 0.3, h=0.7 and σ8 = 0.8. Planck cluster masses are evaluated for the same cosmological parameters and the corresponding best-fit for the Y500-M500c scaling relation.

Mass-Redshift Distribution of the Planck cosmological cluster sample We plot the masses evaluated through a Monte-Carlo extraction approach, marginalizing over cosmological and scaling relation parameters, for the SPT-SZ + Planck SZ analysis described in Salvati et al. 2021.  

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Description We provide updated cluster masses for the Planck cosmological cluster sample. For each cluster, we include position, redshift and signal-to-noise ratio as given by the Planck collaboration (Link), Best fit (suffix "bf") 68% confidence limits (suffix "low" and "up") cluster mass estimates are provided (units h-1 Msun) for M500c evaulated for 2 scenarios:
1. Marginalized over both cosmological and scaling relation parameters (labeled "M500_free"). For this scenario, in order to preserve the correlated uncertainty between different clusters, we also provide a sampled chain of cluster masses for each Planck cluster (labeled "M500_free_c"). To ensure convergence stability in the M500c evaluation we remove masses that are 5 times smaller than the best-fit value when providing the marginalized M500c. We explicitly verified that this cut does not affect final constraints on M500c or any of the results presented in the paper.
2. A flat ΛCDM cosmology with Ωm = 0.3, h = 0.7, σ8=0.8, and associated best fit fixed scaling relation parameters (labeled "M500_fixed").

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Description : nuLCDM MCMC chain for the SPTcl+PvSPLIT dataset from "Combining Planck and SPT cluster catalogs: cosmological analysis and impact on Planck scaling relation calibration". Details of this chain can be found in Salvati et al 2021.

v1.0: Dec 2, 2021 - Initial version released with arXiv submission.

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