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SPT-SZ Survey Maps and Supporting Products



This page provides data products associated with the SPT-SZ + Planck CMB/kSZ and Compton-y maps described in arXiv:2102.05033, Bleem et al., 2021.
If you have any questions regarding these data products or their use, please contact Lindsey Bleem (lbleem_at_anl_dot_gov).




Individual figures are available in PDF format here or bundled in a tarball here. We highlight some figures below.

Two examples of component maps provided in association with this work. (Top) tSZ-nulled CMB/kSZ map constructed using observations from the 2500d SPT-SZ survey and Planck HFI. (Bottom) Minimum-variance Compton-y map from the same. Both of these maps are smoothed here for display purposes. (Figure 4 in Bleem et al. 2021).

Relative azimuthally averaged band weights for the single-component ("minimum-variance") y map (upper left), the CMB-nulled ("two-component") y map (lower left), and the tSZ-nulled ("two-component") CMB/kSZ map (lower right). (Figure 1 in Bleem et al. 2021).

Power spectrum of the CMB-CIB-nulled Compton-y map. The data points show the measured power spectrum of the y-map from the three-component analysis in this work. The power spectrum is estimated using independent halves of the data to avoid noise bias. Lines show the expectation for power from various components in the y-map, given the signal models used in the linear combination algorithm. (Figure 7 in Bleem et al. 2021).


Component Maps


Flat sky maps and masks
Healpix maps and masks
1D Frequency Weights and trough filter


SPT-SZ Survey Maps and Supporting Products


Field table
SPT-SZ Individual Frequency Maps and Power Spectral Density estimates
SPT-SZ Combined Transfer Functions and Beams, Bandpasses

v1.0: Feb 9, 2021 - Initial version released with arXiv submission.

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